Regatta 2019

Luke 5v1-11, The Great Catch (James Aiken)

Mission Sunday

John 13v1-17 - Amazed and humbled + pdf (Jonny Burgess, Crosslinks Gambia)

Summer Series 2019 - The blessings of belonging

Matthew 5v1-12 - Bankruptcy + pdf + presentation

Matthew 5v13-16 - Distinctive + pdf

Matthew 5v17-20 - Fulfilled + pdf

Matthew 5v21-26 - Reconciling + pdf

Matthew 5v27-30 - Pure (pdf only) + presentation

Matthew 5v31-37 - True (pdf only) + presentation

Matthew 5v38-48 - Gracious + pdf

Matthew 6v1-4 - Generous (pdf only) - Ben Ireland

Matthew 6v5-15 - Prayerful + pdf

Matthew 6v16-18 - Self-controlled - David White

Matthew 6v19-24 - Simple (pdf only) - David White

Matthew 6v25-34 - Trusting - Nic Fernie

Matthew 7v1-6 - Humble + pdf

Matthew 7v7-12 - Persistent + pdf

Matthew 7v13-23 - Fruitful + pdf

Matthew 7v24-29

Easter 2019

1 Corinthians 15v19-26 - The dragon slayer + pdf

Vision 2022 - Love

Mark 12v28-34 - Loving our neighbours (pdf only)

John 15v12-17 - Jesus the pattern of friendship (pdf only), Ben Ireland, Youthworker

Men’s Breakfast April 2019

Al Trenary’s testimony - a Case for Christianity

1 Peter - God’s alien people

1 Peter 1v1-5, 5v12-14 - God’s alien people… (pdf only) + presentation

1 Peter 1v3-12 have a glorious future + pdf + presentation

1 Peter 1v13-2v3 living differently + pdf

1 Peter 2v4-12 have a glorious purpose (Ben Ireland)

1 Peter 2v13-17 living in the world + pdf + presentation

1 Peter 2v18-25 living in the workplace + pdf + presentation

1 Peter 3v1-7 living in the home (Andy Virr)

1 Peter 3v8-12 living in church + pdf + presentation

1 Peter 3v13-22 not afraid + pdf + presentation

1 Peter 4v1-11 …living in the light of the end + pdf

1 Peter 4v12-19 rejoicing in suffering (Lee Gatiss, Church Society - pdf only)

1 Peter 5v1-11 …called to glory (pdf only)

Town CArols

Luke 2v8-16, Good news! Great Joy! For all people! + pdf

Vision 2022 - Prayer

Luke 18v11-8 - Keep praying, don’t lose heart + video (Archbishop Foley Beach, Primate of ACNA, Chair-designate of Gafcon)

Luke 11v2 (all age) - May your name be honoured (pdf only) + presentation

Luke 11v5-13 (all age) - Pray, because prayer works (pdf only - Ben Ireland, Youthworker)

Luke's Gospel

Luke 7v1-10 - The scope of salvation + pdf + presentation

Luke 7v11-17 - The triumph of salvation + pdf + presentation

Luke 7v18-23 - The way of salvation + pdf + presentation

Luke 7v24-30 - The herald of salvation + pdf + presentation

Luke 7v36-50 - The heart of salvation + pdf + presentation

Luke 8v1-18 - The word and salvation (Andy Virr) + pdf

Luke 8v19-25 - The king of salvation (Ben Ireland) + pdf

(Luke 8v26-39)

Luke 8v40-56 - The future of salvation (Paul Julian)


World Mission 

Revelation 7v9-17 - Glorious and global (Guest Speaker - Jonny Burgess, Crosslinks)

New term - Family Gathering

Colossians 2v6-7 - pdf + presentation (Ben Ireland, Youthworker)


Psalm 107 - When still waters run deep (Guest Speaker: Philip Sudell)


Summer Series 2018 - The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23 - The Good Shepherd + pdf + presentation

Ezekiel 34v11-16 - Provided + pdf + presentation

Ezekiel 34v23-31 - Secure + pdf + presentation

John 10v1-18 - Saved + pdf + presentation

Luke 15v1-10 - Sought (Guest Speaker - Rico Tice)

Matthew 18v10-14 - Valued + pdf + presentation

John 21v15-19 - Fed + pdf + presentation

Psalm 23 - The committed God + pdf + presentation


Civic Service 

Acts 2 - For everyone, everywhere + pdf + presentation


1 Corinthians 15 - resurrection!

1 Corinthians 15v1-11 - Hold fast (pdf only) + presentation

1Corinthians 15v12-19 - Lynch pin of Hope + pdf + presentation

1 Corinthians 15v20-34 - Firstfruits + pdf + presentation

1 Corinthians 15v3549 - Raised like Jesus + pdf + presentation

1 Corinthians 15v50-58 - Abounding + pdf + presentation


Holy Spirit (Digging Deeper Sessions)

Creator + handout

Revealer + handout

Sanctifier (pdf only) + handout

Builder + handout



Acts 10v42-43 - Your destiny in his hands + pdf



Philippians 1v1-11 - Joy in the gospel (pdf only) + presentation

Philippians 1v9-11 - Joy in prayer (pdf only) + presentation

Philippians 1v12-26 - Joy in hardships + pdf + presentation

Philippians 1v27-30 - Joy in partnership + pdf + presentation

Philippians 2v1-11 - Joy in one mind (Dick Farr)

Philippians 2v12-18 - Joy in obedience

Philippians 2v19-30 - Joy in service (Ben Ireland - pdf only)

Philippians 3v1-11 - Joy in Christ + pdfpresentation

Philippians 3v12-21 - Joy in heaven + pdf + presentation

Philippians 4v1-9 - Joy in conflict (Nic Fernie)

Philippians 4v10-23 - Joy in all things + pdf + presentation


Town Carols 2017

John 1v14 - Light in the darkness


Luke's Gospel

Luke 4v14-21 - The Saviour's manifesto

Luke 4v22-30 - The Saviour's offence

Luke 4v31-44 - The Saviour's power

Luke 5v1-11 - The Saviour's summons

Luke 5v12-16 - The Saviour's touch

Luke 5v17-26 - The Saviour's priority

Luke 5v27-32 - The Saviour's mission (pdf only)

Luke 5v33-39 - The Saviour's time (pdf only)

Luke 6v1-11 - The Saviour's rest

[Luke 6v12-26 - The Saviour's family] 

Luke 6v27-36 - The Saviour's love

Luke 6v37-49 - The Saviour's pattern


Summer Series 2017 - Isaiah 40-44 - Behold your God

Isaiah 40v1-11 - The God who rescues

Isaiah 40v12-31 - The God who cares (pdf only)

Isaiah 41v1-7 - The God who is first and last

Isaiah 41v8-20 - The God who helps

Isaiah 41v21-29 - The God who speaks

Isaiah 42v1-17 - The God for everyone

Isaiah 42v18-43v7 - The God who redeems (pdf only)

Isaiah 43v8-21 - The God who renews

Isaiah 43v22-44v8 - The God who is incomparable (Jonny Burgess)


Follow me!

Ephesians 1v3-10, The Plan (pdf only)

Matthew 11v27-30, The Learners (pdf only)

Matthew 9v35-38, The Compassion + pdf

Mark 4v26-32, The Seed + pdf

Acts 2v16-18, The Team (pdf only)

Matthew 28v18-20, The Field (pdf only)


EAster Encounters

John 20v1-18, Mary

John 20v24-31, Thomas (pdf only)

John 21v1-19, Peter


Luke's Gospel

Luke 1v1-4, A certain Saviour

Luke 1v5-25, Announcing the forerunner

Luke 1v26-38, Announcing the Saviour

Luke 1v39-56, The rescuing Saviour

Luke 1v57-80, The prophesised Saviour

Luke 2v1-21, The birth of the Saviour (Dan Leafe - pdf only)

Luke 2v22-40, The scope of the Saviour

Luke 2v41-52, The sonship of the Saviour (pdf only)

Luke 3v1-20, Preparing for the Saviour

Luke 3v21-38, The authentic Saviour

Luke 4v1-13, The proven Saviour (pdf only)


Summer Series 2016 - Psalm 119

Famously, Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible and almost every verse contains one of 8 words that are used again and again - pretty much interchangeably  - to refer to God’s written word. And the basic theme of the song is that blessing comes from living in line with God’s word, v1, Blessed are those … who walk in the law of the Lord, v3, who … walk in his ways. 

But what the song explores and expresses at length is the experience and reality, the tension and struggle of seeking to live according to God’s word, but dealing with the harsh and daily reality of sin within and a hostile world without.

Talk 1 - Blessing, struggle & delight, v1-16 (pdf only)

Talk 2 - Pressure and Promise, v17-48

Talk 3 - Comfort in affliction, v49-80

Talk 4 - Hope and hanging on, v81-112

Talk 5 - Longing and loyalty, v113-144 (pdf only)

Talk 6 - Prayer and promises, v145-176


Romans - God's Momentous News

Romans 1v1-7,16v25-27, The gospel of God (pdf only)

Romans 1v1-17, The power of God

Romans 1v18-32, Without excuse

Romans 2v1-16, No partiality

Romans 2v17-3v8, A matter of the heart (pdf only)

Romans 3v9-20, All accountable

Romans 3v21-31, The righteousness of God

Romans 4v1-25, Justified by faith

Romans 5v1-11, Peace with God

Romans 5v12-21, Grace abounding

Romans 6v1-14, Free to live (pdf only)

Romans 6v15-7v6, Free from sin

Romans 7v7-25, Free to fight

Romans 8v1-17, Freedom & life

Romans 8v18-30, Suffering & hope

Romans 8v31-39, Confident & secure (pdf only)

Romans 9v1-29, God’s sovereignty

Romans 9v30-10v21, Our responsibility (pdf only)

Romans 11, God’s wisdom

Romans recap, The spectacular view of God's Grace, Bishop Wallace Benn

Romans 12v1-2, Reasonable Worship, Bishop Wallace Benn

Romans 12v3-8, Responsible Self Assessment, Bishop Wallace Benn

Romans 12v9-13, Christian fellowship as it's meant to be, Bishop Wallace Benn

Romans 12v14-21, Christian Counter-Cultural Living, Bishop Wallace Benn

Romans 13, Citizens’ Charter

Romans 14v1-12, Learning to live together (pdf only)

Romans 14v13-15v13, Accept one another (pdf only)

Romans 15v14-33, Go to the nations

Romans 16, Give glory to God


Summer Series 2015 - Life together in community - Matthew 18

Talk 1 - Losing to win, v1-4

Talk 2 - Trip ups along the way, v5-9

Talk 3 - Valued for eternity, v10-14 (pdf only)

Talk 4 - Resolving tension, v15-17

Talk 5 - Agreement confirmed, v18-20

Talk 6 - Unlimited forgiveness, v21-35


1 Thessalonians

Acts 17v1-9, Thessalonica - a flagship church (pdf only)

1 Thessalonians 1v1-10, A faith that works

1 Thessalonians 2v1-12, A love that labours

1 Thessalonians 2v13-16, The word at work (pdf only)

1 Thessalonians 2v17-3v8, A love that suffers

1 Thessalonians 3v9-13, A love that abounds, Justin Mote

1 Thessalonians 4v1-8, A life that pleases, Dick Farr

1 Thessalonians 4v9-12, A life that attracts (pdf only)

1 Thessalonians 4v13-18, A hope that encourages

1 Thessalonians 5v1-11, A hope that endures

1 Thessalonians 5v12-28, A God who will do it


John 14-15

John 13v36-14v4, Where are you going?

John 13v36-14v7, How can we know the way?

John 14v8-21, Show us the Father

John 14v22-27, Why us, not the world?

John 14v28-31, Rejoice

John 15v1-8, The fruit of the vine, Dan Leafe


Summer Series 2014 - Keep calm & keep sowing - Mark 4

Talk 1, The path and parables, v1-20

Talk 2, The rocks and weeds, v1-20

Talk 3, The harvest and a lamp, v13-23 (pdf only)

Talk 4, Measure for measure, v13-25

Talk 5, Sleep and growth, v26-34

Talk 6, Little and large, v26-34



Titus 1v1-5, Truth that transfroms (pdf only)

Titus 1v5-9, Living & passing on the truth

Titus 1v10-16, Protecting the truth (pdf only)

Titus 2v1-6, Truth at every stage of life

Titus 2v7-10, Adorning the truth (pdf only)

Titus 2v11-15, The truth of grace

Titus 3v1-5, Changed by truth

Titus 3v4-8, Truth that saves (pdf only)

Titus 3v9-15, Truth that works (pdf only)


Summer Series 2013 - Life at its best - matthew 5

Talk 1 - Blessed, v1-12 (pdf only)

Talk 2 - Dependent (poor), v3

Talk 3 - Yearning (mourn), v4

Talk 4 - Longing (meek & hungry), v5-6

Talk 5 - Changed (merciful), v7 (pdf only)

Talk 6 - Reconciling (pure), v8

Talk 7 - Maligned (peacemakers & persecuted), v9-12