Our global vision has already clarified by the risen Lord Jesus in the Great Commission, Matthew 28.We are to make disciples for him from all nations.That is to be the dominating, driving engine of our lives individually and corporately. 

But churches can benefit from clarifying a local vision to contribute to Jesus’ global vision and by agreeing an intermediate goal that is determined by, and seeks to serve, that global vision. It gives direction and clarity for a church family to know what we’re about, and what we’re trying to achieve. It is a clear picture of what we are praying and working towards, prioritising particular local goals that contribute to Jesus’ ultimate purpose. 

In other words, if we aim at nothing - we’ll certainly achieve that! But likewise, if we aim at everything, we can’t do that. So we must aim at something, loving the lost enough to be intentional about what we’re trying to do. 

So... here is a (hopefully, compelling and uniting) 5 year aim/goal/vision for us as a church family: 


That every person who lives or works in Fowey

will have heard the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ

from someone who loves and prays for them

(so that they have had an opportunity to repent and believe) 

by the end of 2022


  • This is an ambitious and stretching goal which will drive us to pray.Very simply, we will need God’s help to achieve it. 

  • It is evangelistic - shaped by the Great Commission and focussed on proclaiming Christ.

  • It is faithful to the biblical gospel that calls for repentance and faith. 

  • It is personal - requiring the whole church family to be involved in relationships around town and in prayer. 

  • It is authentic and genuine - seeking to love others as Jesus did, serving and not being served.

  • It is possible - building on already existing extensive relationships. It is not wildly speculative to imagine a conversation about the Lord Jesus with someone we already know sometime in the next 5 years. 

  • It is concrete and specific - simply, a conversation about Jesus. 

  • It is uncomfortable - leading us to challenge and call for a response 

  • It is measurable - we can see how we’re doing, what problems and obstacles need to be addressed, what training is required and what help and support is needed. 

  • It is time bound - providing a motivation to get on with it, to achieve something and not prevaricate. 

  • It is unique - to us and the small corner of the Lord’s harvest field in which he’s placed us. 

  • It is an outworking of our weekly prayer to live for Jesus and speak for Jesus. 


Focus for 2019:

Loving those the Lord has put in my life:

Deepening the friendships / relationships / connections I already have in Fowey.