Gafcon Update 6 - Part of something bigger

Friday 22 June
Philip writes:

This morning Gafcon produced ‘a letter to the churches’ ( which has developed from a blank piece of paper at the start of the week and been shaped by the input and reflections on the week. An initial draft was shared with the whole conference yesterday and each national delegation submitted feedback. It was a genuine consultation and final version was much improved as a result. 
Inevitably, the letter will resonate with different people and different provinces in different ways but a number elements stand out-
➢ the absolute priority of proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations
➢ the continuing need for the reformation of the Anglican communion
➢ the establishment of permanent, Communion-wide networks to promote faithful gospel work around the globe
To be Gafcon is to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the Anglican Church worldwide: shaking up a system no longer able to hold the church together in the unity of the faith. It is the majority of the Communion, something brought home by the sight of over 300 bishops sitting together in convocation robes for this morning’s closing communion service. And for us in Fowey, it is where we belong, standing for historic, orthodox, biblical Anglicanism. We are not alone, It is home. 
The statement was received by universal acclamation in the auditorium and we then broke into singing “To God be the Glory”. The atmosphere in the room reflected the excitement that this is the movement for the reformation and renewal of Anglican Communion and there is nothing else like it.

with love from Jerusalem