Fowey Parish Church exists for the benefit of the whole of Fowey, residents and visitors alike. 
  • You may have been into the Church building over the last year, perhaps for a wedding or a funeral and it embodies both special moments and precious memories for you.
  • You may have attended one of the ‘big’ services, such as Regatta or Christmas Carols and it represents a key place in the life of our community. 
  • You may value the architecture, heritage and history that the building represents.
  • Or you may just have popped in to find a haven of peace and quiet during a busy day.
  • It has stood at the heart of our community for centuries. 
  • It has been a place where countless generations, including our own, have found comfort, hope, encouragement and help!
The Church building of Saint Fimbarrus is your church and it’s there for you!
Now it’s a building that needs your help!

The ‘Friends of St Fimbarrus’ was started 'to promote and assist in the care, maintenance and preservation' of the church building. Over the last 2 decades it has massively helped to ensure the building remains in good repair and we would like that to continue.  

Please would you consider

giving £1 a week as a ‘Friend’

In return, you will receive an invitation to a yearly ‘Friends’ reception, as well as the satisfaction of contributing to the magnificent heritage of our town.

membership £52/year (or £13 quarterly)

Standing orders to 'The Friends of St Fimbarrus'

Lloyds Bank sort code: 30-97-28, account: 00448662

A note to the Treasurer would be appreciated, via The Parish Office, Browns Hill, Fowey PL23 1BT, especially if you are able to Gift Aid your donation.