Welcome to the Fowey Parish Church website.

There have been followers of the Lord Jesus Christ here in Fowey since at least the early 7th century. Today there is a lively and vibrant community of Christians here who seek, in our turn, to be faithful to the Biblical message of the rule and rescue of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are convinced that the great news about Jesus is the best news in the world, as well as the most urgent, vital and transforming news.

As a result, as distinctively and attractively as we can, we share 3 simple desires:

  • To love God – by obeying what he says by his Holy Spirit, through his word, the Bible.
  • To love one another – by serving one another.
  • To love the lost – by telling them about Jesus and demonstrating his reality in our lives.

Whoever you are – sceptic, seeker, doubter or believer – you will find a warm welcome at Fowey Parish Church.


8am Holy Communion (1662 BCP)

11am Sunday@11 with creche and young people’s activities – (4th Sunday usually Holy Communion)

6pm Evening Prayer (1662 BCP) - (2nd Sunday Holy Communion)


10am Sunday 17 August

This is an hour earlier than the usual service time to allow those racing to Flushing PLENTY of time to board their vessels and get to the start line in good order – No excuses! The service will finish by 10.55am and all the exits from church will be available, including the door by the war memorial, for those wishing to make a quick get away…


Speaker: Simon Pillar

Simon is married to Rebecca and has four children. For the past 23 years, Simon has lived in Sydney, working in consulting and private equity.The family recently relocated to Oxford, and he realises he is now living as far away from the sea as any city in England! Simon is from a naval background and started sailing at the age of 6 in Bosun dinghies on the Clyde. He even managed to turn one turtle once which is no mean feat! His father’s side of the family is from Dartmouth and he has many fond memories capsizing dinghies as a result of the wind shifts on the Dart. Over the years, as youthful agility has waned, he has spent more time sailing yachts, and has enjoyed cruising areas from the Kyles of Bute to the Whitsundays with much in between.